Storm Films is an award winning film production company, making critically acclaimed and commercially successful films for the Scandinavian and international markets. Previous productions with Storm involvement have garnered plaudits including an Academy Award (PETER AND THE WOLF), The Annecy Cristal and the Amanda Award (FREE JIMMY) and The Edison Award (JON AND JIMMY). In addition, many of Storm Films productions have gained official selection at internationally renowned film festivals such as the Cannes Critic’s Week and Sundance Film Festival.

Storm Films is part of Storm Group, a holding organization containing subsidiary companies involved in all aspects of the film industry. These include: the award winning special effects house Storm Studios, the distribution company Euforia Film and the post production house Nordisk Film ShortCut, which is co-owned with Nordisk Film. During the past five years The Storm Group has had major involvement in making some of the biggest Norwegian blockbusters, including MAX MANUS, HEADHUNTERS and THE KING OF DEVIL’S ISLAND. The group has approximately 60 employees.

Storm Films was established in 1996 under the name AnimagicNet, and initially produced animated movies. The first AnimagicNet release was as co-producer on the 1996 animated feature film GURIN WITH THE FOXTAIL. In 1998 AnimagicNet earmarked on production on the first CG-animated TV-series in the world, the award winning TWO WASTED WANKERS for the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation (NRK). Upon completion of the series, the company started the production of one of the most expensive and ambitious Norwegian productions in history, the feature length CG-animated movie FREE JIMMY. The film was completed in 2006, and received worldwide theatrical and home video release in 2007. The film was selected as part of Critic’s Week at the Cannes Film Festival, and screened at the Cinema de la Plage as the closing film of the festival. FREE JIMMY won the prestigious Annecy Cristal for best feature film at the 2007 Annecy Festival.

In 2004 AnimagicNet was acquired by Storm Group. The company changed name to Storm Films and the VFX-division of AnimagicNet was merged with the Storm Group subsidiary Storm Studios. Since this merger the group has continued to produce, co-produce and distribute movies such as the Oscar winning PETER AND THE WOLF, DEAD SNOW, KING OF DEVIL’S ISLAND, THE LIVERPOOL GOALIE and KING CURLING to mention a few.

Located alongside the Akerselva river in the center of Oslo, Storm Films is part of a vibrant and creative environment home to design agencies, post production companies, art and music organizations and other creative professionals. You are more than welcome to drop by if you find yourself in the neighborhood.